Torben Sorensen
Silicon Valley, California, US
  • 20+ years of experience as a DevOps / System Administrator / Programmer with a solid understanding of server and networking concepts, database design and maintenance, project development, system administration and software design / development / installation / configuration.
  • 4+ years experience with AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture and operation
  • 7+ year experience with VMWare, setup and tools, and other virtualization technologies, and feel very comfortable in their concepts and use. In a side project I've been a part of over the last 3 years, we've been using the VMWare vSphere SDK to develop an easy-to-use system to deploy VM's, and then install open-source Linux tools using Puppet, for a SaaS based solution.
  • Jenkins systems configuration, installation and maintenance for Continuous Integration / Development to help ensure proper code quality, and as structured release mechanisms to development and production servers.
  • Expertise in configuration management with tools such as Puppet, Chef, Salt Stack, Redhat Satellite and Spacewalk
  • Versed in using Vulnerability and Penetration testing tools such as Nessus and Metasploit
  • Over 20 years of programming experience using Java, Python, Perl, PHP, SQL, Ruby, JavaScript, Bash, C, C++, etc
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Unix / Linux environments, and Windows system administration.
  • Completely versed in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process which includes with wide-ranging expertise in Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of applications. Experienced in Waterfall and Agile development methods.
  • 20+ years experience in Database analysis and design, SQL development, database normalization and database installation / administration in MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server.
  • Strong knowledge in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts and use in associated languages like Java, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, PHP and Perl.
  • Designed dashboards using the “ELK” stack – Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana
  • Wrote many security related policy documents, including password management, Log Management, etc.
  • Exposure to complex information systems in various industries like Financial Services, Telecommunications, Educational, Business Services, Software Development and Database-driven Web-based Portals.
  • Impressive documentation skills with the ability to meet project deadlines and able to work in cross functional office environments.
  • Self Starter and Team Player with excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Held positions with management responsibility, including training, for up to 5 employees engaged in computer application development, engineering support, and related activities.
  • Acts as a team leader interfacing between the client and the technical team. Lead a team of 5 developers in creating an online portal for use in schools.
  • Strong team builder and excellent analytical skills with the ability to learn and implement new technologies quickly.
Magnet Systems Inc., Palo Alto, CA
October 2016 – September 2017
Systems Development Operation Manager

Magnet Systems Inc. creates and packages a messaging focused SDK for various clients like Estee Lauder, JPMC, etc. In this full-time position, I was responsible for all Magnet servers, including more than 200 AWS instances, for production and development purposes, as well as several physical in-office servers. I was responsible for maintaining, monitoring, updating, backing up, and tearing down of these and related instances and services.


  • Worked on 200+ systems, including physical machines and AWS virtual servers
  • Used Jenkins Continuous Integration to continuously compile, test and install Magnet MAX Server software, with over 200 Jenkins jobs, using tools like Maven, and AWS CodeDeploy
  • Performed security audits, package and patch management, backup and other administration duties on AWS on Ubuntu, Amazon Linux and Mac OSX servers
  • Set up a complete Log Management solution using GrayLog, where are logs were forwarded to a central server, there to be processed
  • Documented and performed the initial design for a SaaS solution for the Magnet MAX Server
  • Set up and monitored systems and software installations using Xymon, Nagios, Cloudwatch, Logwatch, RKHunter, chkrootkit, Wireshark, Salt, Bash and Perl
  • Office360, Atlassian, GitHub, Jenkins, LDAP, and Windows Server 2008 Administration
  • Created a Pivotal CloudFoundry Cloud setup for development use, as well as attended the Pivotal Partner 3 day course where I learned how to set up CloudFoundry instances

Telenav Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
February 2016 – September 2016
Security / DevOps Consultant

Telenav Inc. is a GPS service provider for various car companies like Ford, Toyota, GM, etc.

In this contract position, I performed package management duties, upgrading packages on over 2000 VMWare and AWS servers, running on CentOS 5-7, and Ubuntu 12-16. I also installed Saltstack on these systems, added log management software, set up dashboards using the ELK stack, fixed issues identified by Nessus vulnerability scans, set up a comprehensive package management and configuration tool called Spacewalk, as well as adding several features required by a security audit, including Auditd, NTP, LDAP, RKHunter and ClamAV. As well, standard configuration files were set up in Spacewalk, to enhance the admins control and tracking of these files. OpenSCAP server audits were set up and run, using Spacewalk.

  • Worked on 2000+ systems, including physical machines, VMWare and AWS virtual servers
  • Performed security audits, package management and patch management duties on these servers
  • Set up a complete Log Management solution, where are logs were forwarded to a central server, there to be processed by an ELK stack, with a Kibana dashboard, and then backed up
  • Wrote/modified 10+ Security Policy documents, including Password Management, Package Management, Patch management, and various others

Apple Inc., Newark, CA
April 2015 – September 2015
Contract Developer

Apple Inc. is one of the world's largest hardware / software companies, and develops a wide range of consumer products.

For this contract position, I worked on various ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) scripts for large data sets, on database servers such as Vertica, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL. I also created a persistently running MVC style application, using the Zend 2 Framework, that processed changes in one inventory management tool, using SOAP, and copied only the updated fields into a data center customized inventory management system. This “bridge” application processes over 100,00 transactions.

  • Programmed in Perl and PHP, using DBI + DBD, as well as ODBC to perform ETL work for various company needs.
  • Created documentation for the system using PHPDoc, and Confluence.
  • Created Unit Tests for these scripts, as well as other scripts that previously had not been tested

Symantec Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
March 2014 - November 2014
Systems Analyst

Symantec Inc. is one of the world's largest software companies, and develops security, storage and anti-virus products for consumers and small businesses up to large global organizations.

For this contract, I assisted in developing a Single Sign-On (SSO) system called the Symantec Access Manager (SAM) which is a new product from Symantec.


  • Set up Jenkins environment to perform continuous integration and testing of PHP code base
  • Wrote unit-test functions, achieving 96% code coverage for unit-tests
  • Facilitated communication between front-end team in Spain and Corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Evaluated software changes, and assist with guiding future development.
  • Analyzed and expand upon a cryptographic product, which is still undergoing heavy development, using database schema tools, automated software development environments and advanced tools for detecting and resolving the use case issues with the platform.
  • Created documentation for the system using diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and modern automated tools for managing a large and complex Java, PHP, and XML code base.

Yahoo! Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
May 2013 - Feb 2014
Contract Developer / DevOps

Yahoo! Inc. is one of the oldest Internet-based companies, with search, email, news, hosting and many other businesses.

As a developer in the Rewire Project, we were tasked with upgrading an internal tool for managing and monitoring the progress of that project, as well as with coming up with additional functionality such as connecting to additional services related to the project, such as BugZilla, ServiceNow, etc. The application, which was based on the LAMP stack, was upgraded into a standard framework, and had the front end completely redesigned. I also work on the back end portions of this project, and performed various administrative duties, as outlined below:


  • Standardized server and virtual machine configurations using Yahoo!'s internal package management and configuration tool known as 'Igor', so that developer VM's and product servers can be completely managed using this internal tool, and any new added dependent packages can be automatically added to all the server's configurations via the command line.
  • Database schema redesign and cleanup:
  • Enforced referential integrity by adding indexes and constraints to existing schema
  • Removed no longer needed tables
  • Improved database queries by analyzing the slow query log, identifying poorly performing queries, and improving their relative performance times
  • Added indexes and made schema changes to vastly improve database result speed
  • Documented several complicated maintenance procedures, including database setup and implementation, complete server setup, for production, testing and development environments.
  • Created and implemented a detailed plan for connecting with various Yahoo! services, including Yahoo! Backyard, BugZilla, ServiceNow, etc.

Google Inc., Mountain View, CA
Sept 2011 - Jan 2013
Lead Developer / DevOps

Google Inc. is perhaps the most widely recognized Internet and Software development company in the world. Working in the Business Applications department, which develops software for internal company business needs. I worked on one such application, which was based on the LAMP stack. Over the course of this project, we implemented upgrades to both the back end framework, and the JavaScript front end framework, to comply with Google's higher standards. As well, we created several new modules to assist users in performing their duties, normalized the database schema, set up standardized roll out systems from development, to user acceptance, to production environments, documented all the various components, procedures and the code itself, set up monitoring tools to alert us on problems within the system, both software and hardware, and implemented continuous development principles like unit testing using Jenkins.


  • Lead a team of 3 developers, along with Google project managers, in enhancing an existing internal application, using modern Agile software development principles and tools.
  • Standardized and documented the development pipeline, including using code storage and system monitoring applications.
  • Completely revamped the existing application by using the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern, using REST services for improved portability between the mobile and web-based applications
  • Improved the MySQL Database design to a normalized table structure. Documented the new schema structure and proposed various organizational and performance related solutions.
  • Set up and documented a Jenkins Continuous integration server to perform various code analysis, produce documentation, and monitor the live system.
  • Set up integrations with other Google technologies, including integrating with a web-based Java Authentication system

Alikelist Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Feb 2010 - Sept 2011
Contract Developer / DevOps

Alikelist Inc. is a start-up, developing a social networking website that aggregates other social networks, to produce local business recommendations for its members, Using Facebook, Twitter and others, this sites provides a way for members to see what businesses and services others in their social networks have 'liked', in an easy to understand and use fashion. Businesses can also access their listings, communicate with potential customers, and offer “deals” to them. As well, “deals' are aggregated from other services, like ValPak and


  • Lead the development of the AlikeList Mobile site, for iPhone by developing design schematics, requirements, user interface diagrams, and use case scenarios.
  • Wrote technical planning documents and implemented the Facebook and Twitter authentication and data import systems.
  • Continued to upgrade the application from procedural coding to using the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern.
  • Worked on the evolving MySQL Database design, by outlining and implementing structural and performance enhancements within the normalized table structure.

Camosun College, Victoria, BC, Canada
September 1995 - December 1997
Diploma, Computer Systems Technology

Completed the Computer Technology Specialist Program at Camosun College. This involved 3 years study in programming (mostly C++ and Java), and systems design. This included 9 months of co-op work terms, split into three 3 month periods. I completed two work terms at the Ministry of Forests in Victoria at the TASB division as a webmaster responsible for maintaining and upgrading the Ministry's web-based documentation. My final work term was spent working at BC Tel Interactive for 3 months, which then became a full-time position.

Sun Solaris Systems Administration, Levels I + II
August 1999
Completed this two week Sun Solaris Systems Administration course, which includes basic setup to advanced principles.

Integrated Cloud Data Center Management
Issued December 1, 2015

United States Patent 9,201,702



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